What Laser Scar Therapy Services Does Envee Aesthetics Offer?

Our providers are trained on the world-renowned Sciton lasers and able to offer multiple options to minimize your scarring as much as possible.

How is Laser Scar Therapy Performed?

Numbing agents, either topically or through an injection, are used prior to laser treatment to make the procedure more comfortable.

A combination of lasers (BBL, MOXI, Halo, Profractional lasers, etc) are often used to treat the scars as they each address different concerns. Treatment can last anywhere from a couple minutes to over an hour depending on the size and concerns of the scar.

A series of treatments will be needed for best results. Your provider will guide you to an estimation of the number of treatments as well as the laser modalities that will best suit your needs.

Benefits of Laser Scar Therapy

Laser Scar Therapy Includes Improvement In:

  • Texture improvements
  • Reduction in pigment
  • Decrease in scar elevation
  • Improvements in overall appearance
  • Improvements in scar discomfort

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