Most people want their skin to look fresh and youthful, but time and the environment typically take a toll on skin even with proper care and a healthy lifestyle. Take heart, since it is not necessary to simply accept this as inevitable. Hydrafacials are a relatively new treatment that could help you regain the youthful glow of your skin.

Hydrafacial Process

Hydrafacials are done using a patented tool that acts like a cooling scrub brush. The handpiece uses a “vortex technique” that vacuums the skin; cleaning, exfoliating, and removing oil and debris all at the same time. There are several steps followed in the process including:

  1. Deplaning to remove the outer layer of skin and open the pores.
  2. The peeling step, which uses a non-burning salicylic acid.
  3. Extraction of impurities using the Hydrafacial tool.
  4. Application of a serum to plump, brighten and hydrate the skin cells.

Hydrafacial Formulas

There are four kinds of patented formulas that can be used to address different skin problems.

Brightalive Booster Serum uses a combination of peptides, glycerin, and glucosamine to block further pigmentation and give the skin a fresh and hydrated appearance.

Growth Factor Boost helps to keep the skin firm and hydrated using proteins.

Dermabuilder Boost evens out the skin tone using peptides.

Britenol Boost uses a combination of bearberry extract and Vitamin C to help reduce sun dame and lighten dark spots.

Hydrafacial Results

Since a Hydrafacial treatment only requires about 30 minutes and leaves the skin looking radiant, you will be pleased with the immediate effect. There are no side effects such as burning or redness that is sometimes experienced with other facials. Many people are so pleased with the appearance of their skin they do not feel they need makeup afterward.

You may be wondering how often you should have a Hydrafacial treatment to maintain its beautiful results. The frequency of treatments is completely your decision, but some people like to schedule a session once a month. Since the facial leaves their skin looking so good, people often go for a facial before a wedding or some other public event. In any case, you will want to make sure to keep your beautiful new complexion by properly maintaining it with regular Hydrafacial treatments.

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There is no need to wonder whether you are a good candidate for Hydrafacial treatments. Most people can benefit from the process that removes blackheads, cleans clogged pores, brightens and hydrates skin, fights sun damage, evens out skin tone and helps to keep the skin firm. Schedule a consultation with our team at Envee Aesthetic Skin Care to start your journey towards brighter, healthier skin. Get in contact with our Bloomfield Hills office by calling or filling out our online form.