The Halo laser from Sciton offers non-surgical skin rejuvenation that targets a wide variety of skin conditions and concerns. Its versatility is attributed to its hybrid technology that simultaneously combines ablative and non-ablative laser wavelengths. Here are a few benefits of treatment with the Halo laser:

Target Enlarged Pores

Do you feel self-conscious of large pores? Patients with an oily skin type are prone to enlarged pores and they become more noticeable if they are clogged with excess oil and debris such as makeup residue and dirt. This clogging can stretch out your pores and make them appear even larger. Clogged pores are also the main cause of acne breakouts.

Halo’s non-ablative laser can rebalance your skin’s production of sebum oil and shrink the size of your pores. This will help you achieve smoother, clearer skin and less frequent acne breakouts.

Improve Signs of Aging

The Halo laser can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen growth in the deep skin layers. Collagen is a protein in the skin that give it firmness and elasticity. As your skin ages, collagen production decreases, causing fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin. The Halo laser penetrates the surface of the skin and the deeper layers (the epidermis and dermis) for more dramatic skin rejuvenation. As collagen regenerates, your face will regain youthful firmness and glow.

Eliminate Skin Blemishes

Hyperpigmentation or dark spots are a common skin concern we treat at Envee Aesthetic Skin Care. If you’re tired of concealing your dark spots under layers of makeup, the Halo laser can help. Halo’s ablative laser resurfaces the skin to remove dead or dull surface skin cells and replace them with healthy new cells. Your skin will appear brighter and smoother as the dark spots fade away.

Scar Treatment

Halo’s collagen-stimulating power makes it a great treatment for acne scars and scars caused by trauma or injury. You can even receive Halo treatment after cosmetic surgery to speed up the healing process of surgical scars. As collagen production and your body’s natural healing process is stimulated by this non-ablative laser, scars will “disappear” and be covered by healthier, smooth skin.

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There are so many benefits offered by the Halo laser, making it the perfect treatment for almost any of our patients! To learn more about Halo laser treatment and how it can help you, schedule a consultation at Envee Aesthetic Skin Care in Bloomfield Hills, MI.