The Role of Juvederm in Skin Rejuvenation

Do you have moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds and want to rejuvenate your skin? Do you want to enhance your facial appearance or augment your lips? Well, Juvederm may be the right product for you since it is more effective and has longer outcomes than the results acquired from other wrinkle reducers.

Unlike other fillers that depend on collagen production to plump up the skin, Juvederm uses hyaluronic acid (HA) to attract water molecules to the area to provide soft, natural fullness. Juvederm treatment can reverse the signs of aging in areas likes the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth.

Patients prefer Juvederm treatments because they are non-invasive and among the most popular non-surgical procedures performed in the U.S. However, although the HA in Juvederm is found naturally in the body, it is manufactured in the lab via biosynthesis, and patients who want to undergo the treatment should carry out an allergy test before the treatment to ensure they won’t have an adverse reaction.

What to Expect During Juvederm Treatment

One of our fully trained and licensed staff members will first mark the treatment area with a washable pen to identify the targeted areas and then inject a precise amount of Juvederm into the skin. To minimize the probability of swelling or discomfort, Juvederm formulas include a small amount of pain-reducing lidocaine.

Types of Juvederm

Juvederm comes in different types that include:

1. Juvederm Vollure XC

This dermal filler is appropriate for moderate or acute facial wrinkles that appear around the mouth and nose. Compared to other Juvederm products, this filler can have minimal side effects during the injection and can last for almost two years.

2. Juvederm Voluma XV

This dermal filler addresses loss of volume and skin elasticity in the cheeks to give them a precise lift that surges volume and contours, enhancing a more youthful appearance.

3. Juvederm Ultra XC and Volbella XC

Some patients with smooth and wrinkle-free skin may experience volume loss in or around the lips. These dermal fillers are designed to increase volume in the lips and to fill out out vertical lip lines.

Advantages of Juvederm

1. It is Non-Surgical

Patients have nothing to fear with Juvederm treatments as they don’t have to go under the knife to achieve results. This painless injection relieves patients of the expenses and discomfort associated with cosmetic surgery.

2. It is Fast and Efficient

Since Juvederm is administered as an injection or injection series, the treatment can take less than one hour. The outcomes are detectable immediately after the treatment and may last up to one year, depending on the patients’ lifestyle and general health.

3. Involves Minimal Risks

There are minimal risks associated with Juvederm. Patients may suffer mild swelling, lumpiness, and redness during injections. However, these effects resolve in as early as a day or less than a week to subside. Also, this treatment has been approved by Food and Drug Administration, and at Envee Aesthetics, only board-certified and fully trained injectors perform it.

4. Cost-Effective

Since it is a non-surgical procedure, the treatment is affordable to many patients. The average cost of hyaluronic acid injections is around $620, but the price depends on the region and the number of syringes needed for full improvement. Juvederm is not covered by health insurance since it is considered an elective cosmetic treatment.

Cons of Juvederm

Juvederm does not offer a permanent solution for skin rejuvenation. After the process, a patient can enjoy the results for up to two years, after which time they must follow up with another procedure. Also, patients are required to avoid direct sun exposure, carry out strenuous tasks, or wear makeup for at least one day after the treatment.

Schedule a Consultation

Aging can harm your psychological and social well-being. Fortunately, the effectiveness of Juvederm can help you resolve your specific problem areas and give you a boost in appearance that can last a long time. To find out if Juvederm products can help you achieve a more youthful appearance, schedule a consultation with the Envee Aesthetics team with our contact form or by giving us a call at 248-270-5288.