While there are plenty of topical treatments that say they will give you fuller lips and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, not many of them provide the dramatic results you can see with Juvederm Volbella.

The dermal filler can provide more volume to the lips, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth out imperfections. What more could you ask for? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Juvederm Volbella.

What is Juvederm Volbella Used For?

Juvederm Volbella is a dermal filler meant to plump and augment the lips. More specifically, it’s FDA-approved to add volume to the lips and smooth wrinkles around the mouth (perioral or “lipstick lines”) that come from sun damage, aging, and certain lifestyle factors like smoking.

These lines can be difficult to treat with topical skincare products, but Juvederm Volbella makes taking care of them relatively easy. 

How Juvederm Volbella Works

Volbella is made with a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid. While it’s synthetic, it’s very similar to the natural hyaluronic acid your body makes. Since the substance is so similar, there is very little risk of an allergic reaction once it’s injected.

When injected, Volbella can add volume to the lips and the surrounding area, correct imperfections in the skin, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits of Juvederm Volbella

Juvederm Volbella comes with an array of benefits. It will leave you with fuller lips, fewer wrinkles, and it will all be done in a very short period of time.

Smoothes Wrinkles

One of the main benefits of Juvederm Volbella is how well it can smooth lines and wrinkles around the mouth. The perioral lines can form for a number of reasons, including smoking, sun damage, and aging. An injection of Volbella can completely smooth out the lines and transform your whole appearance.

Little to No Discomfort

Another benefit of using this dermal filler to treat your lips is that it’s virtually painless. Because Juvederm Volbella contains lidocaine, the experience will be completely comfortable.

If you’re particularly concerned about pain, a topical numbing cream can also be used before the injections are done.

Fast Treatment

The whole Juvederm Volbella treatment session is very quick. It shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes to perform the injections, and then you can be on your way. If you have other injections or procedures along with Volbella, the appointment will take longer.

No Downtime

Once your appointment is complete, you can resume your normal activities. You may be given some aftercare instructions on what to do and what to avoid to get the best results, but beyond that, you can go about your day as usual.

What To Expect During Treatment

Treatment is quick, and injections only take a few minutes to administer. Once you arrive at your appointment, your injector will clean your skin in the planned treatment area, and if necessary, apply a topical numbing cream. They will then administer the Volbella injections, and that’s it. It’s a very fast treatment.

Recovery and Results

As for aftercare, you will want to quit smoking before and after the injections. You will also want to avoid touching your lips or face or lying down immediately after your appointment. You will also want to avoid excess sun exposure and keep your lips hydrated,

Additionally, avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours, and stay away from saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs.

The results will be immediate. Your lips will look fuller and more defined almost instantly, but those won’t be the final results. It typically takes about two weeks before the filler settles in the lips and any surrounding areas. At that point, you will see your final results.

The results can last anywhere from 12-18 months. You’ll want to schedule follow-up appointments to ensure you maintain the results.

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Looking for fuller lips and fewer lines and wrinkles around your mouth? You don’t need invasive surgery. Juvederm Volbella can give you the results you’re looking for. During your consultation, our team at Envee Aesthetic Skin Care can answer any questions you have and walk you through the treatment process.

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