We owe a lot to our skin—being our first line of defense, it takes a lot of beatings, and the results can lead to blemishes, scarring, or acne flare-ups. Fortunately, there are methods and techniques utilized by cosmetic professionals that can clear up your skin and restore its vitality. For the ultimate skin transformation, consider Moxi Laser treatments.

Moxi Laser Recovery: A Breakdown

No matter the exact type, all laser skin resurfacing is designed to break down the signs of aging and rejuvenate your complexion. With a customizable laser treatment like Moxi, patients’ results are much more personalized and transformative. However, personalized results can lead to personalized aftercare plans, but Envee Aesthetic Skin Care is here to ensure all your questions find their answers.

Immediately After Moxi

Right after your Moxi Laser appointment, you may still experience some numbness. Minor bleeding at the treatment site is to be expected and should not be cause for alarm. There is no downtime necessary with Moxi treatments, so many patients will go back to work or continue with their normal routine.

The Following Days After Moxi

Once numbing has subsided, swelling and redness will be apparent for the first few days. Most patients notice their swelling heavily concentrated around the eyes and report swelling peaks the first day after your session. Swelling should fully pass within two to four days.

Along with swelling, patients tend to develop dark spots and a bronzed tone as epidermal debris exits the body. These spots usually appear around day two or three post-treatment and are most often accompanied by dry itchy skin.

These spots may cause some mild discomfort, but with patience, they will dissipate over time. If discomfort is unmanageable or these symptoms are severe, you can utilize your regular moisturizer to maintain relief.

Down the Line: Weeks After Moxi

The entire process of the Moxi Laser may take up to two weeks to complete. After treatment, your body will continuously peel away old damaged, and blemished skin until you are left with a fresh dermal layer and a rosy glow. As your new layer of skin settles, this rosy color will fade into your natural skin tone.

Aftercare Instructions

Since aftercare instructions can vary between patients, the Envee Aesthetic team will discuss your aftercare instructions thoroughly after your treatment has been completed. Generally, patients should avoid touching or cleaning their skin the first 24 hours of their treatment but should engage in a rigorous cleansing routine as soon as the next day.

For your skincare routine, you should start and end each day with a gentle cleanser applied to your face and lukewarm water– maintain sun protection and regularly apply SPF 30 sunscreen, apply moisturizer at least twice, and make sure your motions are gentle while you heal. Our team will also instruct you on what to avoid, such as high-water pressure, exfoliants, and strenuous exercise.

Seeking Moxi Laser Treatments in Bloomfield Hills, MI

When most individuals think of skincare, they think of over-the-counter products and self-made regimens, but there is a much broader aesthetic world out there equipped for all your skincare needs. To start your journey towards glowing, younger skin schedule a consultation with Envee Aesthetics—we will answer all your questions about the Moxi Laser and other laser options.