Embarking on a Contour TRL treatment journey can be an exciting step towards achieving radiant and youthful skin. From understanding the procedure and its benefits to implementing effective pre-treatment skincare routines, Ellen MD provides valuable insights to help you maximize the results of your Contour TRL experience. Whether you’re considering this innovative skin rejuvenation option.

What is Contour TRL?

The Contour TRL laser is a cutting-edge treatment designed to rejuvenate the skin by selectively removing damaged and aging layers. Its approach promotes the growth of new collagen and enhances skin volume and resilience.

Each Contour TRL session is tailored to the individual’s unique skin concerns, desired outcomes, and tolerance for downtime. The depth of treatment is adjusted accordingly to achieve optimal results.

What Contour TRL Treats

Contour TRL is a versatile treatment option that can treat a wide range of concerns including:

  • Severe wrinkles
  • Deep lines
  • Mild lines
  • Acne scarring
  • Sunspots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Irregular skin texture

How to Prepare for Contour TRL

Before your Contour TRL treatment, patients are required to undergo a consultation to ensure their candidacy. Upon approval, Dr. Ellen recommends that patients take preliminary steps to optimize their treatment to the day of the procedure:

Avoid blood-thinning medications: Ibuprofen and fish oil can increase bleeding and bruising—limit intake at least two weeks before the procedure.

Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption: Tobacco and alcohol stun the healing process and increase skin redness.

Take prescribed medications: Dr. Ellen will prescribe an antiviral to be taken one day before the procedure to prevent complications. You will also be given an antibiotic to take the day before your procedure and afterward to ward off any risk of infection.

Avoid retinol: Retinol can make your skin extra sensitive to the Contour TRL procedure—avoid using these products for 24 hours.

Recovering From Contour TRL

Immediately after your Contour TRL procedure, Dr. Ellen will provide you with aftercare instructions to ensure a seamless recovery. It is normal to experience some swelling and tenderness, so it is best to use a cold compress immediately after treatment. For the initial nights following treatment, consider sleeping with two to three pillows to keep your head elevated, which can help reduce swelling and prevent premature peeling of the skin. Additionally, sleeping on your back with an elevated pillow can aid in preventing skin irritation.

Oral pain relievers such as Extra Strength Tylenol or prescribed medication can help manage any discomfort, and Benadryl may help with itching. During showers, make sure shampoo does not come into direct contact with the treated area by washing your hair away from it, and avoid exfoliating products until the skin has fully healed. After cleansing your face, apply Aquaphor to retain moisture and protect the skin from environmental pollutants during the healing process. Typically, this barrier should be applied for 10 days post-treatment.

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