One of the biggest complaints that both men and women have about their bodies is unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is a type of cosmetic procedure offered by Envee Aesthetic Skin Care that can allow you to get rid of that unwanted hair all over your body. This safe and effective treatment can allow you to get rid of those razors and painful waxes. If you’re considering undergoing laser hair removal, here are the step by step preparations that you need to know.

One Month Before Treatment

While laser hair removal is an in-and-out procedure, the preparations that make it most effective start a month before the treatment is undergone. You’ll need to stop using wax, as it can interfere with the laser therapy treatment. You can only utilize razors for the duration of the month leading up to your procedure.

It’s best to shave a day or two before the treatment, as it’s most effective when the hair is just above the skin. Longer hair can reduce the overall efficiency of the procedure. It’s also important that you take steps to prepare your skin to keep it in good condition for the treatment.

It’s highly advised that you avoid exposure to the sun for the areas of skin that need to be treated. Wearing clothing over simply covering the area with a cloth can help to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Any skin issues like cold sores should be taken care of and healed prior to the treatment.

Procedure Day

When you get ready to head to Envee Aesthetic Skin Care, there are a few things you’ll need to do first. Start by cleaning the areas that will be treated. You shouldn’t be wearing any lotions, deodorants, or cosmetics on the day of your treatment. Be sure that you wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing as it will help the practitioners reach the treatment area more efficiently.


Redness and some swelling are common side effects of the treatment. A soothing gel can be a great way to keep these side effects to a minimum while the skin heals. It’s best to avoid any overexertion of the body that can create sweating for at least 24 to 48 hours. This also includes taking hot showers. You can utilize ice packs during this time. You should avoid using any sort of lotions or perfumes as they can irritate the treatment area.

Future Treatments

Most laser hair removal therapy can be performed during one treatment day. However, sometimes when multiple areas are being treated, your practitioner may recommend scheduling multiple treatment sessions. It’s best to speak with your treating physician to understand how many treatments you’ll need.

Apart from multiple treatment areas, each specific treatment area will need multiple laser hair removal sessions. One session is just simply not enough to eliminate all the hair growing in a given area of the body. Some body hair grows in different stages, which further complicates the issue. Again, it’s best to learn how many treatment sessions you’ll need so you can be financially and mentally prepared prior to undergoing treatment.

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