You already know about the simple and profound effect Botox can have on people who are concerned about the appearance of their frown lines or crow’s feet, but did you know that scientists are discovering that Botox can help prevent them from forming in the first place? This is being called preventative Botox, and it helps you need less Botox over time to achieve the same results so you don’t develop dynamic wrinkles prematurely.

Is Your Mid-20s Too Early For Botox?

The idea behind preventative Botox is that you begin receiving regular Botox injections in problem areas to help reduce the muscle activity that creates the folds in the skin, which can stick around after making certain expressions. Because your muscles aren’t acting as aggressively as they could, they don’t create wrinkles as easily, meaning you delay the onset of those wrinkles.

It’s rare for someone in their early 20s to require Botox, as the best time to start treatments is when you notice wrinkles like crow’s feet sticking around after you smile or make some other expression. This typically doesn’t begin happening to people this young, but it can occur before the age of 30 depending on your unique skin type.

Botox in Your 30s

A common time people start to see their expression wrinkles beginning to be etched into their skin is at some point in their 30s. Those who have spent more time outside than the average person will likely see this earlier than those who have used adequate sun protection or simply didn’t go out as much. This is a great time to start preventative treatments, because the damage to the skin cells leading to wrinkles probably hasn’t progressed very far yet.

Botox in Your 40s

Some people are lucky enough to have healthy, smooth skin all the way into their 40s, which is possible but not common. Darker skin tones typically don’t develop wrinkles as early, so for people with darker skin, this could be the time they start to see the first appearances of wrinkles on their forehead or eyes.

Generally, many people will have already begun a Botox routine by now if they want to get the most from the preventative side of treatment. However, that’s by no means a reason to ignore the wrinkle concerns you have if you only start to be bothered or notice them in your 40s. At this age, it’s never the wrong time to get interested in quick, easy Botox treatments.

Preventative Botox in West Bloomfield, MI

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