People interested in enhancing skin texture, tone, or appearance of concerns like wrinkles have many options when it comes to professional treatments, and many of these treatments boast similar benefits for specific concerns. So how do you know if dermaplaning may be right for you? Let’s find out who can benefit most from this no-downtime cosmetic treatment.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a method of removing dead skin cells, fine hairs, and superficial scar tissue from the surface of your skin, helping to reveal a layer of fresh, healthy skin cells and brighten your complexion. It’s a method of professional exfoliation, using a blade tilted at 45 degrees to gently scrape away the debris and hairs that accumulate on the skin and lead to a dull appearance. In some cases, dermaplaning is also used to reduce the appearance of scars and pockmarks.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

This simple procedure has several benefits for nearly anyone with any skin type, including people who have concerns about:

  • Acne or other scars
  • Dull skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dry skin
  • Fine, superficial wrinkles
  • Sun damage

Dermaplaning is often an affordable entry-level cosmetic procedure that doesn’t take very long and requires no downtime. It has a very low risk of side effects and its results last for up to three weeks. This makes it an ideal treatment to help enhance your overall appearance leading up to an event you want to look your best for.

What to Expect Before, During, and After Dermaplaning

The dermaplaning process, when used as a standalone procedure, is simple. After being examined and cleared for the treatment, a licensed dermaplaning specialist will drag the sterilized dermaplaning device across your face for about 20 to 30 minutes. The sensation is not painful, but can feel tingly or itchy.

Following dermaplaning, your skin may feel dry and tight, so our specialists will provide a soothing moisturizer that will absorb quickly and deeply. You’ll be given instructions for how to care for your skin as it responds to the treatment before leaving our office.

As mentioned, results from dermaplaning last a few weeks, during which time you’re free to use your skincare products as normal. Daily sunscreen use is encouraged to help prevent premature aging in the face and neck.

Dermaplaning in Bloomfield Hills, MI

If you’d like to know more about whether dermaplaning is a good first step for your skincare goals, feel free to get in touch with the aesthetic professionals at Envee Aesthetics today. We can explain all our procedures in detail and how they work, as well as which few can help you address your areas of concern. Start a conversation with us by calling our office or contacting us online today.