Are you bothered by a thin or almost nonexistent upper lip? The lip flip procedure can help you augment your upper lip, giving you the plumpness you’ve always dreamed of. Unlike traditional lip augmentation methods, the lip flip does not require any surgery or added volume but still provides the same outstanding results.

How Lip Flips Work

The lip flip procedure relies on Botox injections in order to relax the lip muscles and create a plumper appearance in the upper lip. The botulinum toxin in Botox relaxes the muscle, reducing tension thereby pushing the lip up. Generally, patients require between four and six injections for amplified results. The process takes about a week to become fully realized, but the resulting lips give a stubble improvement without adding unwanted volume.

The Lip Flip Procedure

The procedure itself is fairly straightforward—Dr. Ellen will note the injection sites around your lips, then inject the Botox solution into each targeted site for balanced results. The “flipping” process can take some time, and most patients will not see immediate results, however, patients will notice their lips begin to flip upwards within a few days, once the muscles have fully relaxed. Fully realized results should be apparent in more than a week, though exact timelines can vary for each patient.

Lip flips are a non-invasive and non-surgical option for augmenting your mouth and facial features, so the pain experienced during the procedure is minimal. However, patients worried about pain or discomfort can discuss the use of numbing agents with Dr. Ellen’s team in their consultation.

After a Lip Flip

It is common for patients to feel or notice bruising and swelling following their lip flip injections. Visibility of these symptoms will be fairly minimal considering the size of the needle, and any associated discomfort will resolve itself quickly. The session itself will only last a few minutes, and patients do not need to worry about a recovery or downtime period. They will, however, be encouraged to avoid strenuous activities for the first day in addition to avoiding sleeping on their face. Even though there is no real recovery time, patients should still exercise patience as they wait for full visibility of their treatment.

The Benefits of Lip Flip

A lip flip procedure can offer significant improvements to the appearance of your upper lip without invasive measures or added volume. Some of the most popular benefits include:

  • Natural results: The lip flip procedure does not add or reduce tissue apparent in the upper lip—rather, it enhances the existing tissue to bring out the patient’s natural beauty.
  • Low risk: Patients are not required to go under anesthesia and or use harsh chemicals. The naturally occurring solution in Botox makes injections risk-free for patients.
  • Minimized lines: Outside of lip flip procedures, Botox is commonly used to reduce lines and wrinkles resulting from aging, making this procedure a two-in-one solution.

Where to Have Your Lip Flip Operation

Envee Aesthetic Skin Care is proud to provide quality lip flip treatments along with a plethora of aesthetic procedures customizable to your unique needs. Patients in Bloomfield Hills, MI are impressed by the transformative skills of Dr. Ellen. To get started with your lip flip journey, schedule a consultation online today.