Although you may think of chemical peels as an anti-aging treatment, they can actually address a variety of skin concerns – at virtually any age! There are different benefits to chemical peels at each stage of life, and they can be customized to your unique needs through different depths, active ingredients, and frequencies. Here’s what to know about chemical peels in Bloomfield Hills and when you might consider adding them to your regular skincare regimen.

Teen Chemical Peels

If there’s one demographic that struggles with acne more than any other, it’s teens. Many teens struggle with hormonal acne, meaning almost no amount of washing or selecting the right products will produce substantial results. Chemical peels are actually an extremely effective way to combat acne with active ingredients like lactic or glycolic acid which exfoliate away dead skin cells and debris – and also reduce oiliness and pore activity. If you or your teen are looking for effective solutions to acne, chemical peels can be transformative to your skin and your confidence. With regular treatments, you’ll see drastic improvement and even a reduced need for prescription retinoids.

Young Adult Chemical Peels

Adults in their 20s and 30s usually have concerns like sun damage, acne scarring, and preventing the beginning signs of aging – often because their lifestyle begins to catch up with them at this point. Additionally, many young adults come into more income and look for solutions for lifelong blemishes like freckles, redness, or spots that don’t respond to at-home skincare. If you prefer to spend your time in the sun, chemical peels can be an effective way to reduce sun damage and prevent future concerns that may occur because of it, like dullness, pigmentation, and visible aging. Don’t forget that around this time, your body begins to slow its production of healthy new collagen, meaning chemical peels can help boost your cell turnover and prevent the need for future expensive procedures!

Middle-Aged Adult Chemical Peels

For middle-aged adults in their 40s and beyond, signs of aging and the effects of sun damage are usually top concerns. With a drop-off in collagen production and cell turnover, many middle-aged adults begin to experience dryness that only contributes to concerns like fine lines and wrinkles. That’s because the epidermis, or the top layer of skin, no longer retains moisture and bounces back from sun exposure. Additionally, pigmentation like age spots, rosacea, and melasma can begin to emerge at this point, making it difficult to maintain clear, glowing skin. With regular chemical peels, you can renew your skin’s moisture barrier and exfoliate away dead, damaged skin cells that contribute to texture and dryness. Finally, you’ll see marked improvement in fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful, rejuvenated look.

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