Sagging skin affects each and every one of us as we get older, and the insecurities that result can be debilitating. Premature signs of aging can negatively impact a person’s self-esteem, but fortunately, advancements in technology have led to light therapy treatments, like SkinTyte, that can totally transform a patient’s appearance.

What is SkinTyte?

SkinTyte is a broadband light therapy treatment designed to tighten skin through collagen production for an all-natural finish. Individuals with sagging skin, whether the cause is aging or lifestyle choices, can benefit from the intended solutions SkinTyte offers. The infrared technology of SkinTyte not only tightens sagging skin, but plumps the cheeks, smooths out skin texture, reduces wrinkles, and tightens the neck. The promotion of collagen production is key to SkinTyte’s incredible results—being a naturally occurring substance, collagen treatments provide natural results that are long-lasting.

How Does SkinTyte Work

SkinTyte is a non-ablative light technology, so unlike laser technology, it does not target the epidermis. Instead, it targets deeper into the dermal layers and heats them up to trigger your skin’s healing process. The old, damaged cells are brought up to the surface of the skin as new collagen cells replace the framework of your face. This process takes time, so multiple sessions are encouraged for the best possible results. Over the course of each treatment, collagen will continue to build up, providing continually improving results even after all sessions are finished.

The Benefits of SkinTyte

Like all laser and light treatments, there are countless benefits that could be listed. Laser and light treatments are a non-invasive alternative to surgical options—they are safer, less painful, and less physically taxing on the body. On top of this, SkinTyte has a host of additional benefits that make it a worthwhile treatment option:


SkinTyte treatment takes less than an hour to complete, and the results are immediate! Depending on the treated area, patients can expect a 30 to 45-minute process for results that just keep getting better every day.

No Downtime

Unlike other cosmetic treatment options, SkinTyte requires no rest. Patients who undergo SkinTyte can expect to walk in for their quick treatment, and then walk out to immediately return to their day– no caretaker or aftercare plans necessary.

Minimal Pain

Along with the absence of recovery that is commonly expected with alternative treatments, there is minimal pain with SkinTyte light therapy. The light heats your skin, so an uncomfortable sensation is not uncommon, but patients who’ve undergone other treatments can expect this sensation to be far less uncomfortable.

Multiple Treatment Zones

Unlike other lasers and lights that are designed for one specific area of use, SkinTyte can be safely used across various regions of the body to tighten and tone according to the patient’s desire.

The Three-Step Process

Like all cosmetic procedures, there will be 3 main steps to the process, but most procedures have multiple steps hidden within these broader steps. With SkinTyte, you can expect just three simple steps:

Consultation: Your journey will begin with a consultation at Envee Aesthetic Skin Care where you can share your goals and concerns with your skin. We will offer our recommendations, walking you through the processes involved.

Treatment: This treatment is non-invasive, so there isn’t any anesthesia involved. You will lie awake for the duration of the procedure as light pulses heat the treatment area. A cooling device will simultaneously blow cool air to ease discomfort.

Recovery: SkinTyte is an outpatient procedure, so you can return to your usual routine immediately. Mild redness and swelling are normal and will fade quickly. You will be encouraged to wear sunscreen to protect and maintain results.

Find a Provider in Bloomfield Hills, MI

A trusted provider is imperative to the best results possible. For individuals considering SkinTyte treatment in Bloomfield Hills, MI, Envee Aesthetic Skin Care has been proudly serving its community for years. Our team is passionate about transforming your skin and giving you confidence like never before. To learn more about all our treatment options, schedule a consultation.